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General Part

1. Do you have a dedicated internal software localization engineering department?
    Yes, we have an in-house software engineering department, which is responsible for
    solving the technical
problems in software localization and providing the consultation
    for the clients.

2. What is the typical profile of your in-house software engineers?
       Experienced in s/w localization engineering. 
       Skilled in processing multimedia formats.
       Capable of programming in VC++, VB etc..
3. Please provide a list of all software engineering and testing tools you currently use.
    Please refer to
Services & Solutions -> Services -> L10N Engineering -> Tools.
4. Please describe accurately your current software Quality Assurance model and

    To ensure each step success from translation to product testing, the procedures below
    should be followed:
       1. Select the best suitable translation team.
       2. Keep good consistency in terms among user interface, online help and user manuals
            by using glossary and TM.
       3. Strictly control the QA of DTP and compilation.
       4. Complete product testing step by step and make detailed testing report.
       5. Discover problems and report ASAP.
       6. Deliver on time.
     For details of sw localization process, please refer to
Services & Solutions -> Services -> 
     L10N Engineering -> Process
5. Please describe your functional and linguistic testing methods, processes and tools
    (if any) for
software and online help localization.
     Functional test: Prepare test plan. Test each case, to see if success or failure, user 
     interface shown correctly or not, or if any problem occurred from OS-incompliant etc..
     Record testing result in details. Linguistic test: checking if any typo, translation mistakes,
     or translation length exceeds the limit etc.
    For details of the process for s/w and online help localization in Golden View, please refer
Services & Solutions -> Services -> L10N Engineering -> Process.         

6. What is the availability/throughput of your current software engineering capacities?
    Our capacity can be flexible. Depending on the project volume and delivery time, we can 
    manage a
team to meet your deadline without quality discounted. 

7. Have you worked for any of the major software corporations on L10N projects? Please
    detail if
    Yes, our serviced end clients include IBM, Apple, Microsoft, Dell, GE, Google, Kingston, 
    Onyx Graphics,
Faro Technologies (CAM), MatrixOne (Enterprise Management Applications),
    and other brands.

8. Do you have the capacity for L10N testing, bug fixing, cosmetic and linguistic testing and
multiple platforms?
    Yes. We can take CCJK testing on Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP, Linux. We have experiences
localization testing, and are capable of UI appearance and linguistic testing, and making
    any necessary

9. Have you successfully carried out L10N of multimedia and/or audio? Please detail if 

    Yes, we have much experiences in multimedia localization. We are able to offer turnkey 
    solution for multimedia l10n projects, including the localization of all video, audio and Flash
    files. Our voice over services support Mandarin, Korean, Japanese and other East Asian
    languages. Our served clients include IBM, SAP, Apple, Alcatel and Cypress etc.. Details
    can be found at Voice samples are available once request.

10. Please describe some sw localization projects, which you recently performed.
       Please refer to Case Study -> By Service -> L10N Engineering for details.

Technical Part

1. We need .exe and .dll files to be localized. Can you help?
By using the special localization tools, we can convert .exe/.dll files into the editable formats 
translators. After translation, editing, proofreading and engineering, we can return back 
    the required
file formats to the client. The tools include Alchemy Catalyst, Passolo, 
    Language Manager etc.

2. We need RC files to be translated. How do you process them?
    Since RC files contain much programming code, our experienced engineers can process 
    the RC files into
simple translatable formats for easy workload analysis and quote.

3. Do you have any experience in online help localization?
     Yes, we have finished lots of help l10n projects. Our experienced engineer team is very 
     skilled in 
handling help localization. The clients only need to send us help files in English, 
     and we are capable
of doing the remaining work - deliver localized Help file in Chinese or
     other target languages. The
table of contents, index and search functions all can be
     localized with the same structure and language
convention compliant. For details, please
     contact us now!

4. I have a FrameMaker project using single source. We need PDF and help files. Do you
    have experiences?
What information do I need to provide?
     Yes we have much successful experiences. Please send us FrameMaker files, linked 
     image files, fonts,
generated PDF, conditional setting of help, WebWorks files and related
     template files (i.e. all files
under Support folder).

5. How do you proceed with QuarkXpress typesetting in Asian languages?
     As you may know, Quark can't support Asian languages well, but InDesign can. To take
     use of batch
processing function of Trados, we can save Quark files down to 4.0 version,
     so that Quark files can be
converted to InDesign. In this way, translation and DTP process
     can be finished by using Trados, to save
much time and efforts.

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