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General Part

1. Do you have a dedicated internal DTP department? How is its structure and capacity?
    Yes, Golden View has an experienced in-house DTP team with 10+ DTP specialists, DTP QA
    team leader, DTP QA  expert, and DTP engineers. We have high output in FM and INDD    files.
    We can finish thousands of pages within short time and ensure the quality. For  QuarkXpress,
    Illustrator and Office etc. applications, we need to discuss the deadline with    the clients. When
    your delivery time is really tight, we will still try to meet your delivery schedule, and we also could
    work overtime or outsource part of the jobs to finish your jobs

2. Please describe your DTP QA process.
     For details, please refer to
Quality -> DTP QA.

3. Please describe some DTP projects you recently performed.
     For details, please refer to
Case Study -> By Service -> Multilingual DTP.

    If you have more questions, please call us or write to, we will reply you
    as soon as possible.

Technical Part

1. Why QuarkXpress typesetting processes are different between Asian languages (e.g
    Chinese, Japanese
and Korean) and European languages?
QuarkXpress can't support Unicode character set before version 7.0. But the problems still
    exist in
v7.0. The actions such as line break or space can't be processed very well, which
    increase DTP workload.
So it is not suggested to use v7.0 to do much translation work.
    Before v7.0, English version of
QuarkXpress could not open the Quark files made using
    Asian versions, which makes difficult to do
modifications or printing. The workaround ways 
    are to create the Asian language text in EPS formats,
then import EPS files into English
    version of Quark. So the clients can open and print the localized
Quark files from
    Golden View.

2. Please introduce the DTP process of INDD files in Eastern Asian language.
    For InDesign dtp project in Eastern Asian languages (e.g. CCJK), we usually keep the fonts of
    English text
in translation unchanged, while apply the correct fonts for target languages and
    try to keep the similar styles to
English fonts. We can send back the Asian fonts together
    with DTPed files, so that client can easily
open the final files. Or, we can outline the text
    based on the clients need, so the client can read or
print PDF without installation of
    Asian fonts.

3. How do you proceed with Thai INDD and Quark files?
    For Thai typesetting in Indesign CS 2 or lower version, we usually do typesetting on Mac
    platform since the accents of Thai text may be off incorrectly if we do DTP on PC platform
    in Indesign CS2. However we now have Indesign CS 3 or even higher version, we now
    could process these Thai texts in PC too.

4. What is DTP and its task?
    DTP (Desktop Publishing) is an important part of localization process. Generally DTP refers
    to the
process for computer system to do text editing, layout design and image processing
    to meet the
publishing requirements. As for DTP in localization field, it refers to the process
    of re-formatting the
source document (e.g. operational manuals, product samples,
    marketing brochure) in one language into one
more target languages, to form multilingual
    versions. Nowadays publishing is not limited to paper
media, but extends to wider
    pan-media, including electronic publishing with CD-ROM, Internet etc. as
promotion media.
The task of localization DTP is: Finish the page typesetting and graphics/images
    processing into 
multiple target languages, on the basis of source document. Different from
    the traditional DTP process,
l10n DTP process is to start the work on the source layout.
    The basic rule is to keep the same layout, 
design style etc. as that of source document.
    Since each language has its own linguistic 
characteristics, localization DTP need to match
    with its own typesetting conventions and requirements.

5. How much your team's experiences in FrameMaker dtp?
    Golden View has helped our clients to finish unlimited FM localization projects. We are
    capable of
processing Asian and most European languages. Our professional team can
    deliver turnkey FM solutions,
including document format conversion, preparation, workload
    analysis, translation, typesetting, DTP QA,
Trados TM etc.. In addition, we also have much
    experiences in WebWorks compilation. The client only need
to send us original
    FrameMaker files, we can deliver back localized FM, pdf and help files in target

6. I need Freehand DTP in Japanese, Quark DTP in Arabic and Thai, InDesign DTP in Eastern
    European and
India. Can you help us?
    Yes, we have experiences in the above mentioned. Please contact us for more details.

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