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Hardware Technology - Computer

In the 21th century,  computer hardware and software have been so popular in the worldwide. Golden View has been commited to IT industry localization since its first business day and made contribution for international IT products into Asian markets. With its world-class service quality and rich practical experiences, Golden View is expecting to creat success with you in Asian and other regions in the world.

We are specialized in:
   Localization of different applications (including GUI, online help, manuals, product testing
   User manuals of printer, scanner and other plug-ins etc.
   Localization of OS.

Hardware Technology - Telecommunication
Internet and telecom products have been deep into our daily life and work, from mobile phone popularization to Internet everywhere. This is partially contributed to introduction of the telecom technology and devices from the developed countries.

With its special talents and experiences in telecommunication field, Golden View would like to promote your telecommunication technology and devices into Asian and global markets!

We are specialized in:
   Localization of mobile phone products (including built-in applications or games, manuals, 
   Localization of telecom products (including hardware and software).
   RFQ of various of telecom system.

Hardware Technology - Semiconductor

Semiconductor technology and products have been widely applied in different industries. If you need to introduce the process, technology and devices from the developed countries, Golden View can help you with quality localization services! 

Golden View has completed some large localization projects for several big semiconductor corporations in the world. We have accumulated much l10n experiences in this field.

We are specialized in:

   Localization of semiconductor product-specific applications.
Website localization for semiconductor corporation.
   User manuals of products.
   Marketing brochures.
   Internal management documents.

Hardware Technology - Banking Equipment
In the past decade, the United States and European countries have sold their banking system (e.g. banking applications) and  banking terminal (e.g. ATM) into its offices or the local commercial banks in Asia.  

Golden View is ready to help you to increase market share in Asia or in the world with professional localization services!

We are specialized in:

   Localization of bank self-service terminals.
   Localization for banking system-specific applications.
   Website localization of banking equipment producers. 
   Marketing material.

Hardware Technology - Electronics

Golden View has finished many l10n projects for electronic products, from the state-of-art digital camera, projector, whiteboard, to gas detector, security protection devices, electronic monitoring system etc.

Golden View hopes to promote your electronic products into Asian or global markets with its 10+ years of localization experiences.

We are specialized in:
   Localization of product manuals.
   Localization for the product-specific applications.
   Product instructions.
   Website localization for manufacturers.
   Electronic components catalog.

Hardware Technology - Automobile

In the past, China had introduced the automobile manufacturing technology and system from abroad. Right now, Chinese is capable of mass production of cars with self-developing technology. The cars have been widely popular in Asia. 

Golden View has served for world famous automobile brands. We also hope to have chance to serve your company!

We are specialized in:

   User manuals and service manuals for various types of automobile (from cars to
    engineering vehicle).
   Marketing material.
   Driving safety training.
   Technical specification.
   Questionnaire for end users.

Hardware Technology - Digital Press

Traditional printing process is replaced with digital press technology. With combination of computer, automation control and laser technologies, digital press can meet the increasing printing-on-demand needs.

If you need to introduction of the advanced digital press technology from abroad, Golden View is ready to work with you!

We are specialized in:
   User manuals of digital press.
   Localization for digital press-specific applications.
   Website localization for manufacturer.
   Marketing material.

Hardware Technology - Mechanism
Mechanical equipment have been used in construction, mining, plastic molded and petrochemical etc.

Golden View has done many localization projects for mechnical field. If you have such localization needs, please don't hesitate to contact with our team!

We are specialized in:
   User manuals of mechanical equipment.
   Localization for mechanical equipment-specific applications.
   Website localization for manufacturer.
   Marketing material.

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