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Project Name: Localization of Simplified Chinese courses for
Microsoft Powerpoint 2007

 Screenshooting (More than 2800 Screenshots)
Instructional SS (screenshot) capture using live software setup;
Simulation SS capture using live software setup;
 SS optimization
Optimisation of all SS
 Simulation Flashs optimization (More than 20 flashes)
Optimisation of all Simulation Flashes
 Text integration (About 60 K words)
Integration of content text into client development tool Synergy
Integration of simulation text into SS into Flash 5 tool (for 
double byte languages i.e. Chinese)
 SS integration 
Integration of Instructional SS into client development tool Synergy
Integration of simulation SS into Flash 5 tool (for double 
byte languages i.e. Chinese)
 Localised Build creation and QA
Publishing and QA of the final localised build following 
completion of all tasks before hand-off (QA testing using 
previously provided client drop-in player).
Languages: Simplified Chinese
Engineering Applications: Paint Shop Pro 4, Flash 5,
Photoshop 8.0, Windows Office PowerPoint 2007,
Windows Vista and Skillsoft Course Development Tool (Synergy).

Delivery Format: Zip
Size: More than 2800 Screenshots, more than 20 Flashes, About 60K words
Duration: 2 Months

Project Name: Html Help Compile, 8 languages
 485 HTML files per language.
 Need to check the format of each html file and fix the format.
 RoboHelp compiling into 8 languages.
Languages: Simplified Chinese/Dutch/French/German/Italian/
Engineering Applications: RoboHelp X3, HTML Workshop
Delivery Format: .chm
Size: 485 html files per language
Duration: 2 weeks

Project Name: PSPPX2 FrameMaker DTP and Help compiling DTP (2 .chm/.ini/.pdf)
 2 manuals FrameMaker typesetting 
 2 helps compilation
 WebWorks compiling into 2 languages
Languages: SC and TC
Engineering Applications: WebWorks 7.0
Delivery Format: .chm, PDF, .fm
Size: 828p per language
Duration: 2 weeks

Project Name: Network Application Localization
 Software testing: SC/JP
 Screenshoting: SC/JP/KO
 Manual DTP: FrameMaker DTP into SC/JP/KO
 Help compiling: WebWorks compiling into SC/JP/KO
Languages: SC/JP/KO
Engineering Applications: FrameMaker, WebWorks, Hypersnap
Delivery Format: .fm, PDF, HTML help
Size: 40 hours screenshoting, 800p FM per language
Duration: 1 month

Other major localization engineering projects we have finished

1. HTML help compile into French, 1147 html file;

Client Speak
"Golden View is a highly trusted partner firm for us in the areas of translations, proofreading, desktop formatting and multilingual graphics. We routinely use their Chinese and Japanese translations as well as core services."

We are impressed by the quality of their Chinese translations in particular – our client reviewers usually find them excellent. Additionally, Golden View has provided us cost effective desktop publishing services in over 20 languages, from Assyrian to common European and Asian dialects.

I have been impressed by the dedication and hard work of their managers and staff, who notably provide products usually before the due date. After having worked with them over the years, I can confidently recommend Golden View for core multilingual services.
Shiv M
Lead Project Coordinator

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